{ t r a c k   d u    j o u r }

I'm a big fan of musical improvisation, of the sort you see in Jazz or certain forms of Indian music. I like to play spontaneous music that flows any which way, with musicians who care as much for the experiential journey as the tune itself. I like to flesh out gritty yet melodic lines over loose and limber grooves, savor the anticipation and feeling of constant rhythmic and harmonic change. It's truly sublime when you can live in the improvised moment, when sound becomes time and time becomes stillness, and the next note you play is as much a part of your conscious creative thought process as it is a part of your instinctive subconsciousness - a primeval urge to interpose at that very moment, a note, a texture, a rhythm, an empty space, a continuation of a melody that could go anywhere, around changes that talk to us in some deep, guttural ancient language that we only partially remember, but connect us to a long forgotten past - the beginnings of sentience.

The following are a few recordings of my music - some of them composed, some improvised, and almost always raw and unedited.

Sapne is a Hindi song I co-wrote a long long time ago (circa 2001), the result of a short collaboration with Sandeep Kulkarni, previously lead vocalist with '90s Bombay based rock band Mayhem. It's a fairly short demo but boasts relatively slick production, all thanks to the superb talents of John Glaubitz.
The Meaning of You
The Meaning of You, on the other hand, is a fully improvised raw recording culled from a jam (circa 2007) with Joe Grimaldi on bass and Robert Jackson on drums.

Goutham Kurra